Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Lighter Side of Company in Paradise

First, my name has been changed to protect the innocent. To the assorted six weeks of company that we just had arrive and leave one after the other, this has nothing to do with you and is definitely not about you.

When we live in paradise – is it any great surprise company is going to want to come? No, we expect visitors, but we always picture it will be way later – even years from now – I mean you just moved here only 5 short years ago right? But no, they wont wait, one day we all get that fateful call or email with the news that friends or family are coming for a visit, then life changes.

What to do we think? Then the answers become obvious – you only need to do a few things. Change the beds, clean the house, paint the house, fix the leaky tap, fix the door, fix everything that needs fixing, wash the curtains, bake some cookies, wash the car, dust the plants, fix up the garden, and stock up on food and alcohol. Boy, by the time the company comes you're ready for a holiday. Admit it. But do they want to lie around and relax with you? No way! What do you mean now we have to play tour guide? How many times have you been to Xcaret anyway?

Remember what it was like to have a 2 year old around who asked "why?" all the time? Your company will now sound like that two year old with their numerous questions on why do they do that? Why do they tear up all the roads at once? Why is that there? Why do they do it that way? How do you live like this? The good news is after about four visits they finally stop asking – like you, they have given up.

Oh yes and the food part – how come we are always eating? When you get tired of eating out you need to be able to cook something presentable. Having pancakes for dinner every night just doesn't seem to cut it.

The company has finally left? Quickly change the beds, wash the linens, re paint, clean the house and buy more food and alcohol because now it is all gone and you really need it. Have the family congratulate each other on a job well done and all pass out on the couch. Do not answer the phone, the door or check your e-mail for at least a month – incase they want to come back or someone else wants to come. Change your email and street address to prevent this.

One could maybe avoid all this by not telling people your address in the first place or even by telling people you actually live in a different country than you really do. If it is too late and they show up – you could take them to the beach and forget them there. No, no, I'm just kidding. Did I say that?

I really do say all this in jest. I enjoy company, but maybe just give me a couple of weeks before anyone asks to stay with us again. By the way, I now live in Alaska.

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Friday, April 13, 2007

The Internet - Helping You Avoid The Loneliness Of Travel

Most people would acknowledge that travelling is one of life's most precious joys. While home is certainly where the heart is, being able to visit new places and see new sights is a crucial part of broadening your life experience and opening your eyes to unknown cultures. Thankfully, the last half of the twentieth century has seen technology advance to the stage where nearly everyone can travel with ease and in comfort.

Whether you're simply taking a weekend away at a country cottage in New England, or planning to go on a long-haul trip to Thailand, your vacation is sure to excite you with wonders untold and joys anew. However, while taking a vacation can unlock some of the wonders of the world, travelling can also be a lonely experience - and not just if you're travelling alone.

For instance, while many people long to get away from their everyday routine, you might be one of those people who find routines comforting. And if you have a fear of flying, travelling to your destination might turn out to be a heavily stressful experience rather than a peaceful break. What's more, large hotel rooms can often seem impersonal and invite feelings of restlessness or homesickness in you.

However, if you're looking for a way to prevent vacation anxiety, you might find your saviour in an unlikely place - the internet. The advent of many travel sites and social networking sites on the web in recent years has meant that more and more people can share their holiday experiences with each other. But travel blogs and holiday sites can do more than just offer you reviews of hotel resorts or ratings of local restaurants - they can offer you real, valuable advice on how best to overcome your fears and apprehensions when you're on a holiday.

The solution to this can be simpler than you might think: many travellers rely on taking simple home comforts with them - for example, your favourite pair of slippers or your most comfortable pyjamas - no matter how badly they're falling apart. It's also a good idea to take some of your favourite hobbies or pastimes with you on holiday to beat any feelings of loneliness that might creep up on you; if you play an instrument, for instance, take it with you. String and woodwind instruments, like guitars, violins or flutes, are fairly convenient to transport - and unless you're embarking on a backpacking tour of Europe and need to travel light - there's no excuse not to take them along with you.

If you're the sort of person who abhors soulless hotel rooms, then why not take some items from your home with you to help brighten up your room: simple things like family photographs or your bedside alarm clock can help make the atmosphere around you more familiar and welcoming, and can do wonders in curing any feeling of homesickness that might arise.

Since we now live in the internet age, many hotels let you share travel advice and tips online. Homewood Hotels, for example, provides a bulletin board, where past guests can share their experiences of their stay – from restaurants to places to visit or avoid – and pass on advice and tips to potential guests, helping them get the most out of their holiday. So, regardless of whether you're spending Easter weekend in Houston or Hawaii, you'll find the internet is your friend when it comes to beating travel anxiety.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Creature Comforts

Safari was originally as simple Arabic word meaning journey. But when we hear it today, we think of a whole lot more. We think of a civilised way of experiencing the wildest places on earth – of luxury in the heart of the wilderness.

Modern Day African Safaris

The African camping journey is now aimed at younger people and those less attached to comfort, in the form of the 'overland expedition'.

The upmarket safari, however, has become a holiday where you wake in the comfort of a gorgeous safari lodge and spend the day out spotting game – before returning to a swim, a Gin and Tonic and a dinner around a table. Although safari lodges offer a magic you cannot find elsewhere – the animals – they still have to compete with a global travel industry that offers a lot of luxury.

And they do compete. Why else would the Sabi Sabi's renowned Earth Lodge have been voted one of the world's top fifty destinations by readers of renowned luxury publication Conde Nast Traveler? That particular safari lodge stands apart on account of its radical blend of ecological principles and futuristic design. But lodges like those at Sabi Sabi and others around South Africa also liberally play the Old World card. Although the world has left colonialism far behind, the style and ambiance of the twenties and thirties have an undeniable cachet. Hence travellers will also be able to choose the lamp-lit luxury of mosquito nets, silver service and morning tea.

Luxurious Bush Experiences

But at the end of the day, all continents have luxury hotels. Only Africa has the bush. Only Africa has the wildebeest's stampede, the herds of gentle African Elephant, the huge dangerous hippo, the flash of a cheetah, the placid walk of the giraffe. And, of course, the roar of the lion and call of the fish eagle – sounds you will remember for the rest of your life. They will penetrate the walls of your cabin and send a shiver down your spine where it lies against the starched sheets. Gone will be the high fence and the sophistication of dinner as you realise the bush is close enough to reach out and touch. You will walk to the window and inhale air that has traveled thousands of miles across Africa, carrying smells from the Sahara and the Equatorial jungle and grinding them together with the dust of the bushveld. Smelling that, you might not even want to go back to bed.

Sublime Game Viewing

During the day you will see nature at its most beautiful – and its most intense. The sound of a lion pride biting through the bones of its prey is so loud that, even at a safe distance, you will think it's right in front of you. But when they lie dozing in the sun afterwards, you will forgive them their bloodthirsty habits. You may have stopped to watch zebra drink from a river and be marvelling at the stillness of the water when the huge muscles of a crocodile drove it into the air and sent the depleted herd stampeding past you. When the shock has subsided and the zebra stopped struggling, you will find there is no need to mourn him. Life has continued like this for thousands of years and – with a bit of help and protection from us – should continue for a thousand more. The crocodile needs its lunch too.

But at the end of the day, watching Sacred Ibis's fly across an African sunset – an image that can barely be described in a photograph – let alone words – your overwhelming feeling will be one of peace. As you raise a glass and the animals join you at the watering hole below, you will find that The Circle of Life is more than just a song. And when you go home to take up your own daily round again, it might all make a tiny bit more sense.

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Monday, April 09, 2007

Murcia Costa Calida - A Genuinely Unspoilt Region of Spain

Located on the South-East corner of the Iberian Peninsula, between the regions of, Andalusia, Castile-La Mancha and Valencia, the region of Murcia is characterized by its rich Phoenician and Arab history of commerce and agriculture.

The city of Murcia and Capital of the Murcia/Costa Calida region offers superb shopping and an abundance of historical sites. Founded in 825 AD by the Moors, Murcia has matured into a vibrant and dynamic city that hospitable, light-hearted and extroverted.

The province of Murcia is mainly a warm region which has made it very suitable for agriculture. Murcia is irrigated by the Rivers Segura, Murdo and Sangonera which create ideal farming conditions for the many citrus orchards. In contrast the area also has expanses of dry, arid land where olives and vines thrive. Excellent wineries have developed near the towns of Bullas, Yecla, and Jumilla, as well as olive oil production near Moratalla.

The beautiful 155 mile-long coastline of Costa Calida runs from the beach of El Mojon in the north to the beach of La Carolina in the town of Aguilas to the south. The beaches are complimented by a huge range of hotels, casinos, golf courses and everything a holiday-maker could wish for. All along the coast, there are charming traditional fishing villages and peaceful resorts, with the only truly major towns being the historical port of Cartagena and Torrevieja.

The region's brightest gem is the Mar Menor - at 170 square kilometres the Mar Menor is Europe's biggest saltwater lagoon. With warm waters and gentle winds this is one of the best places, not only in Spain, but in Europe to learn water sports. The smaller salt lakes that surround Mar Menor contain a mud rich in magnesium, calcium, sodium, bromide, iodine and flouride, and is very effective against arthritis, rheumatism, tendinitis, nervous and articulatory disorders. As a result many small towns have developed on the shore of Mar Menor, as health and spa resorts.

The Murcia/Costa Calida region is genuinely unspoilt - an unnoticed region, largely kept a secret, until now, and is perhaps the last major region of Spain to yield its secrets!

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Friday, April 06, 2007

Why You Should Choose Norwegian Cruise Line

Do you love good things? Most people do. That's what makes Norwegian Cruise Line a top choice among cruise travelers. You will find the best quality and finest service in every aspect of your journey aboard this ship.

The Norwegian Cruise line will usually charge you with the thirst for adventure, while at the same time can offer some excellent relaxation avenues. Your dream to have an excellent time on board the Norwegian Cruise line, while enjoying some of the stunning sites, can come true with these luxury cruises.

How do You Define Perfection? How do You Define the Norwegian Cruise Line?

This cruise liner is famous throughout the world. Guests from all over the world flock for an opportunity to get to see the most beautiful places and destinations in the world. Free-style dining was initiated by Norwegian Cruise Lines and was an instant and unrivalled success.

Before the free-style dining habits, the food was served between fixed timings (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and it was usually a formal-dress affair which many people found stuffy since the majority, if not everyone, was on the cruise to relax.

Everyone loves to be pampered – more so on cruises where people expect sheer magic. Now, the food in many of the dining spaces – and you will find at least 10-12 one of them – can be had at anytime of the day or night, much to the delight of people who love night life and its entertainment. This is important to know, because all your food and non-alcoholic drinks were paid up front as part of the cost of the cruise line ticket. Therefore, you can sit back and enjoy it to the fullest.

This is the occasion where you can put a napkin under your chin, and go on a "tasting" spree, since the Norwegian Cruise line particularly offers exceptional international cuisine, i.e. Asian, Chinese, French, Italian, etc. Here, expert chefs cater to the whims and fancies of the people who are lucky enough to be on the Norwegian Cruise line.

Since food is one of the major attractions of the Norwegian Cruise line, it is not surprising that you will find some of the best fitness centers available on board as well. Therefore, if you want to stay fit and healthy while at the same time indulging in a wide variety of food and delicious desserts, be sure to benefit from the well-equipped state-of-the-art work-out facilities.

You will also greatly enjoy the daily evening and night programs which would be offered at the pool side, theatre rooms, projector rooms, etc. Another great advantage is that the entertainment is also included in the all-inclusive price of the Norwegian cruise line ticket.

One of the greatest fun spots on the cruise liner is the Las Vegas casino. This casino can safely function because of the relaxation of the anti-gambling rules in USA and other parts of the world, as well as the ambiguity of law while at sea. Hence, for a once in a lifetime experience, treat yourself to a trip on one of the Norwegian Cruise Ships.

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Cambridgeshire Employment Agency

If you are planning a longer stay in Cambridgeshire the chances are that you are going to have to find yourself a job and find yourself a place to stay. What you will certainly need is the contact details for a reputable Cambridgeshire Employment Agency to get you started.

The agencies can generally be categorised along the lines of the vacancies that they offer. Some will offer only office work for example whereas others will mainly deal in agricultural and other manual work. Some agencies might only offer part time positions and some full time. Most will have a good selection across the board but it's worth checking out what their primary work is before potentially wasting yours and their time.

Some agencies you might want to take a look at, in addition to the local job centre are Cambridge Recruitment, Reed, Monster, Fish4Jobs etc.

Any Cambridgeshire Employment Agency will want to see an up to date C?V so it's crucial that you prepare this before you travel, or at least make sure you will have access to a word processor and printer before you travel. If you don't have a CV most of the bigger agencies or local job centres will work with you to help you put one together.

The key things you need on your CV are your current contact details and a brief summary of your education and employment experience. Some potential employers also like to know about any outside interests you have or other skills that might help you in the role.

To find an agency near your destination follow the link below:

Cambridge Employment Agency

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Monday, April 02, 2007

Glimpses Of Golden Triangle Tours Of India

A visit to the trio of lively capital of India-Delhi, the glorious pink city-Jaipur and alluring state of Taj Mahal is popularly known as Golden Triangle Tours. Welcome to Golden Triangle Tours and travel to live the saga of India with us.

If you want to enjoy perfect leisure holiday trip then plan your leisure holiday trip with us and enjoy the majestic grandeur and beauty of India that Golden Triangle Tours of North India offer.

Golden Triangle Tours offer a great feast for visitor's eye. The package of Golden Triangle Tours of North India is a fine blend of enjoyment with relaxation. And probably this circuit offers the best range of accommodation as well.

As we believe in serving leisure with comfort to all kinds of tourists and visitors, we offer a great range of tour packages to the destinations of golden triangle of Northern India.

The Golden Triangle Tour trip of North India starts from the capital of the country- Delhi.

Delhi: - Delhi is a city where the past coexists with the present. Many dynasties ruled from here and the city is rich in the architecture of its monuments. Diverse cultural elements absorbed into the daily life of the city have enriched its character. Exploring the city can be a fascinating and rewarding experience....

The next halt of this Golden Triangle Tours circuit is the city of valor and royal heritage - Jaipur.

Jaipur: - Jaipur is the capital city of Rajasthan state and popularly known as the Pink City. Here you will be taken for the excursion and sight seeing of the city, which includes, Hawa Mahal, Amber Fort Palace, City Palace, Jantar Mantar and gem factory where you can witness the art of gem cutting.

The final halt of the Golden Triangle Tours will be in Agra, the home of splendid beauty- Taj Mahal.

Taj Mahal: - The Taj Mahal is the star tourist attraction of India. It is also a World Heritage Monument. This white marble mausoleum commemorating Mumtaz Mahal, the beloved queen of the great Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, is an unparalleled beauty among all the historical monuments of India.

The Taj is situated on a raised platform at the southern end of a four-quartered garden. Taj complex has been designed on a grid pattern. Beginning from north, the first composition is a red sand-stone forecourt known as chowk-i iilo khana in chronicles. Next is 30 m high red sand-stone gateway through which one enters the garden complex on which the main building – Taj Mahal – is located. Through the gate entry is made to a four-part garden divided into quadrangles by waterways. They meet in the centre in a large tank.

The northern end of this garden has the Taj Mahal. Western plank of Taj is a mosque in red san-stone and eastern flank is its replice. In the centre of the platform is Taj Mahal with each corner having one four storied marble minaret.

The carving and inlaid patterns have been designed in such manner as to give you prominence to the white marble surface, rather than overshadowing it. The beauty of Taj offers a feast to visitor's eye. Taj Mahal inspires tourists to come and admire its beauty again and again.

It covers the Rajasthan Tours as well as Capital city of India and 7th wonder of the world i.e. Taj Mahal.

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